The Institute for Development Anthropology (IDA) was an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research and educational institution founded in 1976 by Michael Horowitz, Thayer Scudder, and David Brokensha. Their goal was to focus on themes of equitable economic growth, environmental sustainability, resolution and social conflict, and participatory government.


Submissions from 1988


Contract farming in Africa : executive summary, Michael Watts

Submissions from 1985


A history of development in the twentieth century : the Zambian portion of the middle Zambezi Valley and the Lake Kariba basin, Thayer Scudder

Submissions from 1983


Baluchistan : an introduction : area development working paper, Brian Spooner and Allen Jones

Submissions from 1982


An evaluation of the Gwembe: south development project, Zambia, Thayer Scudder, Elizabeth Colson, and Mary E.D. Scudder