Faculty Sponsor

Theodore Them


This study examined the efficacy of one treatment option for chronic headache pain caused by occipital neuralgia (ON). The treatment is an injection containing a mixture of local anesthetic Marcaine and corticosteroid Depo-Medrol. The efficacy was determined according to the treatment’s impact on each patient’s pain level and quality of life, assessed via phone questionnaire. Electronic medical records (EMRs) were accessed, using the Epic EMR system, for adult patients who received at least one injection for the treatment of ON. Of 27 patients fitting the study criteria, 19 were successfully contacted, and 18 chose to participate in the study. This treatment was found to decrease a patient’s pain level, on average, from 4.7/5.0 to 2.0/5.0. This quantitative result, along with patient testimonies and other qualitative information gathered through the questionnaire, leads to the conclusion that these injections are an effective option for relief of ON symptoms.