Faculty Sponsor

Elizabeth Tucker


Alcoholic beverages are the most popular human-produced drinks in history. Whether it is wine, beer, or hard liquor, alcoholic beverages are included in all aspects of society. Presidents, town drunks, and the greatest musical sensations are seen drinking alcoholic beverages both at work and at home. In terms of its effects on individuals, alcohol is deemed to be a poison to the body, and drinking too much can destroy your liver and your body as a whole. This puts public speakers, political leaders, and specifically singers in an odd position when it comes to balancing casual alcohol consumption and retaining their vocal health. Scientific study of this subject is necessary, as well as close consideration of the effects of alcohol on singer’s lives and careers. There is already extensive research pertaining to the chronic effects of alcohol on the body. In terms of acute alcohol ingestion, research does not exist to the same level of detail or quality. The effect of alcohol on vocal range, both chronic and acute, has not been studied thoroughly. Alcohol has many negative effects on the voice. In this study, we suggest that acute alcohol ingestion may decrease the vocal range of individuals.