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La Playa, Prehistoric, Archaeology, Remote Sensing, Geophysics, Aerial Imagery, UAVs


Imagery and data generated via remote sensing at La Playa, Mexico. These files consist of orthophotos and digital surface models produced from UAV flights conducted April 15-18, 2017.


The flights were made with a Sony NEX-5R camera flown on a Trimble UX5. The image products were produced using Pix4D and 3137 photos taken over 7 flights. The area covered includes 13.4528 km2 / 1345.28 ha / 5.1969 sq. mi. / 3325.98 acres. The images are georeferenced to WGS84 /UTMzone 12N. The orthophoto imagery resolution is 8.05cm/pixel.

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_transparent_mosaic_group1.tif.aux.xml (1 kB)
AUX file for orthophoto

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_transparent_mosaic_group1.tfw (1 kB)
TFW file for orthophoto

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_transparent_mosaic_group1.prj (1 kB)
PRJ file for orthophoto

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_transparent_mosaic_group1.tif.ovr (1440630 kB)
ORV file for orthophoto

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_dsm.tif (3000999 kB)
DSM - Digital Surface Model (TIF)

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_dsm.prj (1 kB)
PRJ file for DSM

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_dsm.tfw (1 kB)
TFW file for DSM

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_dsm_100cm.laz (37155 kB)
LAZ file (100 cm grid) for Digital Surface Model (LAZ)l (3054 kB)
Contour shapefile - 0.5m intervals (Zipped)

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_dsm.laz (299004 kB)
LAZ file for Digital Surface Model (LAZ)

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_dtm.tif (156344 kB)
Digital Terrain Model (TIF)

LA_PLAYA_ALL_FLIGHTS_14may2017_report.pdf (1108 kB)
Pix4D processing report (PDF)