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infant care, parenting advice, child care books, toilet training, infant feeding


This short article on family living appeared across 2 issues in Broome County Living magazine, published by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County, New York, and is part of a collection of such articles available on the Open Repository at Binghamton University. It explores advice given to parents of young children during the 19th century and early 20th century, looking at well-known sources such as Dr. Spock's books as well as more esoteric publications. Infant feeding, bedtime practices, discipline, toilet training, and issues encountered by mothers in the workforce are traced through that historical period. Along with descriptions of quaint parenting practices is a theme of ever-changing expert recommendations, leading the author to recommend that parents regard such advice with healthy skepticism, as much of it has not stood the test of time.


There are two separate citations for this article due to their appearance in two different collections, one in April 1987 (Part I) and one in May 1987 (Part II). Please use the citation accordingly.