Confluence: Humanities in the Public Sphere

Confluence: Humanities in the Public Sphere


"Confluence: Humanities in the Public Sphere”, is an IASH sponsored podcast that discusses various public humanities projects on Binghamton University campus as well as outside.

For earlier episodes, check out the previous version of this podcast at What are the Public Humanities?


Sound Recordings

Episode 1: Introductory Episode with Dr. Wendy Wall, Shruti Jain and Wendy Wall

Episode 2: Thinking Democracy Together: The Wisdom of the People, Shruti Jain and Coleen Watson

Episode 3: A Journey of Engaged Public Humanities with Dr. Lisa Yun, Shruti Jain and Lisa Yun

Episode 4: Ladino Collaborative: Language, Linguistics and Beyond, Shruti Jain, Bryan Kirschen, and Dina Danon

Episode 5: Public Archeology Facility: Bearing the Bones of Public Humanities, Shruti Jain and Laurie Miroff