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Episode 4: Ladino Collaborative: Language, Linguistics and Beyond


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Public Humanities, Community, COVID, community building, storytelling, digging


In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Bryan Kirschen, a professor of Spanish and Linguistics, and Dr. Dina Danon, a professor of Judaic Studies and History, at Binghamton University, who in addition to their various scholarly interests, also co-direct Binghamton University's Ladino collaborative or the Ladino Lab, which is an initiative that offers undergraduates, graduate students and faculty training in reading Latino texts and paleography. The co-directors of Ladino collaboratory, Dr. Kirschen and Dr. Danon shared with us the motivation and inspiration behind this project. They talk about how the project started. The friendships that have blossomed across age or cultural barriers through this project, the way that this project has not just morphed with the onset of COVID, but also acted as a way for people involved to build community and resilience during this difficult time. For more information visit:

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