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Master of Science (MS)



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Mark Reisinger


Binghamton University has a parking problem fostered by the car culture of today. A change in car culture through the shift from single occupancy driving towards higher occupancy transit was identified as a possible solution. An online survey was used to acquire students' opinions and thoughts on the issue. Its 824 responses highlighted variables that were grouped into five overarching themes: Convenience, Quality of Transportation System, Satisfaction with Parking, Comfort with Carpooling, and Perceived Benefits and Drawbacks, which were analyzed under different qualitative and quantitative methods to test for their effect on car culture. Qualitative analysis was conducted using R and SPSS to run Chi-square tests and linear regression models, whilst qualitative analysis was conducted using NVivo to run coding and word frequency queries. These results showed trends in student behavioral intentions, providing the understanding needed to promote initiatives to instigate car culture change and potentially reduce the parking problem.

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