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Master of Science (MS)



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Christina M. Balderrama-Durbin


Due to numerous barriers to mental health care access, there exists an extensive need for brief cost-effective interventions for couples. Savoring, which invites individuals to prolong and extend the positive aspect of their experiences, is a promising intervention candidate. Research on savoring has established savoring-based interventions to be efficacious at producing positive intra and interpersonal outcomes. The current investigation expands upon existing savoring research by examining the effects of savoring on an adult population in committed romantic relationships. We expect savoring to be better than control at improving intra and interpersonal outcomes. Furthermore, we aim to investigate intrapersonal factors as potential mechanisms of the effect of savoring on interpersonal outcomes. Results indicate savoring to be better than control at improving some intra and interpersonal outcomes. The results also support a double mediation model with intrapersonal variables mediating the association between savoring and interpersonal outcomes. Clinical and research implications are discussed.

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Psychology Commons