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GIS, UXO, remote sensing, magnetometry


Unexploded ordnances (UXOs) are any subsurface weapon that pose the threat of detonation. UXOs pose one of the greatest humanitarian concerns of today, as they contaminate land in countries across the globe and lead to thousands of deaths each year. Our research focuses specifically on the BM-21 Grad, a Soviet multiple rocket launcher that fires 122mm rockets with a failure rate of over 4%. This means that the rockets often do not detonate immediately as intended, but become UXOs lodged underground. We studied the use of magnetometry, specifically the UMT MFAM MagPike remote sensor to detect these rockets. We processed data collected from Chernihiv, Ukraine to conclude that BM-21 Grad 122mm rockets do give off magnetic fields that are detectable using magnetometry, and distance above ground level plays a key role in data clarity.



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