Deported twice, man struggles to help his family survive

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Human Rights, People Smuggling, U.S. Immigration, Family Unification, Deportations, U.S. Mexico Border, Trump Administration


For more than a decade, I documented one man’s deportation, the impact on his family and his eventual return to the U.S.

I did this as part of my work studying the migration of indigenous Mayan refugees from Guatemala to Mexico and the U.S. My telling of the story of this man, who I’ll call Alex to protect his identity, is forthcoming in the journal Representations. I believe it can help shed light on the human consequences of deportations and family separations – and the enormous risks deportees are willing to take, irrespective of walls, fences, and the danger of reuniting with their families.

Here is Alex’s story.

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This article was originally published on The Conversation.