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Fall 11-2011


SEO, search engine optimization, search engines, libraries, website


During the past 10 years, the adoption and saturation of search engine optimization (SEO) of web content has been on a strong growth trajectory. Advanced search algorithms developed mainly at research universities have turned into “monetization” and marketing opportunities for the mainstream (Think Google and its research origins at Stanford University.) Yet, there are those information professionals who view SEO with some reservation or even actual contempt due to the rampant SEO techniques that reduce the quality of search results by driving traffic

to sites that take advantage of trending searches rather

than useful information.


This article is available through the magazine, Searcher, hosted by Information Today, Inc.

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Rushton, Erin, & Funke, Susan. (2011). The goodness in the evil of SEO: Why search engine optimization matters to information professionals.(LiveLinks). Searcher, 19(9), 30.



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