Information Literacy Portfolio for Curriculum Mapping

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information literacy, engineering education, curriculum mapping


A portfolio of information literacy (IL) assignments was created for undergraduate engineering students. The portfolio, which includes 29 assignments shaped by the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, was designed in conjunction with the creation of a curriculum map covering all of the College of Engineering’s undergraduate programs. The goal of this ongoing project is to provide opportunities for students to engage in short, thoughtful experiences with IL at strategic points throughout their time as undergraduates. To accomplish this, the following steps were taken: (1) Syllabi from 300 courses were analyzed to determine potential for compatibility with IL instruction, (2) sequences of required courses for each of the 10 undergraduate engineering programs were visualized to facilitate scaffolding of IL instruction, (3) a list of discrete IL concepts and skills were derived from the ACRL Framework, (4) assignments were designed to introduce students to each of those concepts and help them develop each of those skills, (5) assignments were matched to high potential courses identified during the curriculum mapping process. The next step is to collaborate with engineering faculty to refine the portfolio and work toward the adoption of these assignments as part of a holistic program. The assignments and supplementary materials are available online for other librarians to use and adapt.

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