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literary magazine, digitization, metadata, digital projects, institutional repository


There is a growing interest from departments and organizations on campus to use our Institutional Repository (IR), the ORB, to host creative works, digital publications, and supplemental materials for projects. Recently we began working with Harpur Palate, our University's acclaimed national literary journal, to support the digitization of their archives and to make these archives available through the IR. We will discuss how we provided access to our Digitization Lab to support the digitization of back issues and how we trained Harpur Palate staff to create metadata and submit content in the IR. By developing a workflow that defines the roles and responsibilities of the Libraries vs. those of contributors, we hope to have more collaborations with the campus community and expand the scope of the IR.


Presented as a lightning talk at the Digital Commons North American Conference 2022 on November 9, 2022.