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The Careers in Music Librarianship series has come into its own as a staple of the music library literature in the more than 30 years since its first entry, Careers in Music Librarianship: Perspectives from the Field, compiled by Carol Tatian. Its successors, Careers in Music Librarianship II: Traditions and Transitions, edited by Paula Elliot and Linda Blair and Careers in Music Librarianship III: Reality and Reinvention), edited by Susannah Cleveland and Joe C. Clark, each in their own way responded to both the critical discourse around their preceding edition and the emerging trends of the profession. This continues with the latest entry, Careers in Music Libraries IV. More than just a title change in using Libraries instead of Librarianship, CML IV seeks to expand the scope and relevance of the copious advice in its chapters to more fully embrace the work of “paraprofessional and support staff, archivists, musicians looking to apply their skills in the library field, and liaisons whose disciplines go beyond the confines of music” (p. viii). This ambitious goal is met through a combination of new contributions from across the profession and updated or expanded chapters from CML III, resulting in a text nearly twice the length of its predecessor.


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