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Alone or in clusters in hardwoods near hardwoods, on rotting wood or the ground; widely distributed in North America. Cartilaginous; white to cream with hints of yellow or pink; cap 1-5 cm, grainy texture, typically fused with cap only at top, occasionally saddle shaped, frequently with many irregular lobes, furry on underside, thin; stipe ribbed, 3-10 cm long. Common throughout North America and Europe, although studies have cited its collection in South Africa as well (Anderson and Ickis 1921; Dissing 1966; Abbot and Curra 1997a; Abbot and Curra 1997b; Rasalanavho et al. 2019). Morphologically similar macrofungi collected in China have previously been identified as H. Crispa, however recent studies found that these fungi are morphologically and phylogenetically distinct from samples collected in North America and Europe. They may represent a multitude of Helvella species (Zhao et al. 2015). ID number:


Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (LR - Lower Ridgeline)

Helvella crispa