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Found growing near conifers on or around hardwood and humus. Can be found growing scattered or in clusters on both coasts of the continental United States. Fruits between the months of July and November. Yellow colored cap with a diameter of 2-7 cm. Convex in shape while young and flattens out as it matures. The cap is viscous and is sticky to the touch. Beneath the cap are pale-yellow gills that are broadly attached to the stem and are fairly close together. The stem reaches up to 10 cm in height and shares a similar color to the cap; white near the base. Can be confused with H. chlorophana, as they have a very similar appearance. The stem of H. flavescens is sticky as compared to H. chlorophana. ID number:


Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (TC- Tsuga Creek)

Hygrocybe flavescens