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Parasitic on Amanitas (Rogerson & Samuels 1994). Likely A. rubescens and A. frostiana on our specimens. Found under Pinus and Tsuga. The telemorphic form of this fungus deforms the host Amanita, resulting in a bulbous, occasionally shaggy stipe, a small subglobose cap, and a white subiculum covering the entire fruiting body. On Amanita rubescens, the subiculum occasionally retains pinkish brown staining from the host, between 10 and 20 cm high. On Amanita frostiana, coloration is tawny on the stipe and yellow on the pileus. Occasionally universal veil remnants (“warts”) are still visible beneath subiculum on both hosts. Specimens recognized by coloration, stature, and proximity to non parasitized fruiting bodies. No ascospore germination nor consistently associated animorphs have yet been observed (Rogerson and Samuels 1994). ID number:


Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (BC - Betula Creek, PC - Pinus Creek)

Hypomyces hyalinus