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Summer 2021


ECOLOGY: Saprobic fungi found in small clusters growing near conifers, on decaying hardwood or humus. Also found growing near moss. Can be found between late spring and fall with a wide distribution in North America. Cap is dark green and ranges from 1-3 cm in diameter. Has a viscid cap early on, hence its Latin name “viscosa,” translates to sticky. Stem reaches up to 6 cm in height, is white in color, and turns yellow as the mushroom matures. This mushroom shares similar characteristics to L. lubrica studies suggest that the cap color is not a reliable way to determine this species, as its relatives L. lubrica and L. atrovirens are polyphyletic; therefore observation at the molecular level is needed (Zhong and Pfister 2004). ID number:


Location: Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (TC - Tsuga Creek)

Leotia viscosa