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Summer 2021


Saprobic; grows scattered or gregariously on decaying conifer logs, especially Eastern Hemlock; often accompanied by large patches of moss; grows most often in September and October though our specimen were found in July; nationwide and worldwide distribution. 2.5-10cm; shelf-like, fan-shaped body, broadly concave or broadly convex; white to pale cream cap; smooth; pliable, thin, fleshy and relatively fragile; white gills; crowded; cap smooth; occasional pseudo stipe present. Though a popular edible in Japan, P. porrigens caused fatal acute encephalopathy in 17 humans in the country in 2004 due to the presence of the toxic amino acid pleurocybellaziridine in the mushrooms (Wakimoto et al. 2011). It was found that of the 55 people affected in the outbreak, most were suffering from renal failure, likely causing an inability of their kidneys to filter out the amino acid (Kawaguchi et al. 2010). ID number:


Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (TC - Tsuga Creek)

Pleurocybella porrigens