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Summer 2021


Mycorrhizal fungi found growing near dead pine trees among other species of Amanitas mushrooms. Can be found in summer through fall months in the northeast and north midwest of North America. The color of this mushroom differentiates it from other varieties of A. muscaria. It can be golden-yellow to orange in color and measures anywhere from 4-19 cm depending on how mature the specimen is. Early on, the cap is bulbous and later becomes convex as the mushroom matures. Cream-colored warts ornament the cap of the mushroom. A cream-colored veil is present on a stem that grows upwards of 12 inches in height and up to a 1.5 inches in width. It has free, white gills that produce white spores. The species muscaria is a complex given that there are multiple variations that are found in different locations and temporal regions across the northern hemisphere (Michelot and Melendez-Howell 2003). The mushroom contains active ingredients Muscimol and Ibotenic acid, which cause psychedelic effects, and it has been used ritualistically across many cultures (Michelot and Melendez-Howell 2003). ID number:


Location: East Brook Valley, Walton, NY (PC - Pinus Creek)

Amanita muscaria var. guessowii