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A 3/4" diameter rod made into a (3,5) torus knot; the bronze sculpture itself is approximately 13" in diameter


Partly polished; it was made by the lost wax method. In order to position the wax rods in space a 12" diameter torus was made out of clay (plastaline), then a plaster cast of that torus (two halves) was made, and that plaster cast was used to make the torus out of mold material (plaster and sand). The 3/4" wax rods were made by pouring liquid wax into a vinyl tube 8' long, plugged on the end, immersed in boiling water so the wax would stay liquid and fill the tube without bubbles. When it cooled and solidified, the wax was removed from that tube by cutting the tube lengthwise and pealing it off the wax. The mold torus was heavy, but allowed for repositioning the wax rod evenly around the torus to make the (3,5) knot. Along with its gating, the entire result was immersed in a cylinder of mold material, which was then used in the rest of the casting process.


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