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A (3,5) hollow bronze torus knot, 12" in diameter, it weighs around 24 pounds


To make it required the preparation of a core of mold material (plaster and sand) in the shape of a torus, carved into the (3,5) torus knot. That core was dipped repeatedly into a vat of hot wax to make a 1/4" layer of wax on top of the core. The result was gated and then pierced with core pins. When the result was immersed in a large cylinder of mold material, the core pins were held by the outer mold, and they held the core in place after the wax was burned away in the kiln. Otherwise, the core would have fallen down when the wax was gone, and the desired 1/4" thick surface forming the sculpture would not have been formed when the bronze was poured through the gating into the mold to make the sculpture. It was necessary to have a window open in the surface of the wax so that the core material could be removed after casting, leaving a hollow shell of bronze. That small window was also cast so that it would be welded back into the surface later.


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