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Creation Date

Spring 2006


Sculpture with a welded framework of 1/4" bronze rods into four tetrahedra, each placed at the ends of a larger tetrahedron, so that holes drilled into the ends of the smaller tetrahedra could be used as the sixteen vertices of the graph. With a special jig to hold the small rods in position at the precise angle (arccos(-1/2) = 109.74 degrees) to produce regular tetrahedra. Plastic fishing line becomes the edges of those tetrahedra.

Image represents only a small part of the graph.


Sculpture suggested by Prof. Dikran Karagueuzian; and there is a theorem in graph theory concerning the coloring of the complete graph on sixteen vertices, that three colors suffice to make a graph in which no triangle is monochromatic. The computer program Maple provided such a coloring and gave explicit instructions on how to place the colored edges by threading colored plastic fishing line between the numbered vertices.


Rights belong to Alex Feingold