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Micro-resonator ; Electrostatic actuator ; Closed loop actuator


An efficient electrostatic resonator is designed by adding a low voltage controller to an electrostatic actuator. The closedloop actuator shows stable, and bi-sable behaviors with bounded chaotic oscillations as large as 117% of the capacitor gap. The controller voltage is decreased from a previously designed resonator to less than 9 V thereby reducing the load on the controller circuit components. Bifurcation diagrams are obtained showing the frequency and magnitude of AC voltage required for chaotic oscillations to develop. The information entropy, a measure of chaotic characteristic, is calculated for the micro-resonator and is found to be 0.732.

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Towfighian, S., Heppler, G., & Abdel-Rahaman, R. (2012). Low-voltage closed loop MEMS actuators. Nonlinear Dynamics, 69(1), 565-575. doi: 10.1007/s11071-011-0287-9



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