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Electrostatic levitation, MEMS, actuators, fringe field effect, optical micro-mirrors, large range, command shaping, open-loop control


Command shaping is a driving technique for handling the large settling time of the high-Q-MEMS actuators. The strong nonlinearity due to the electrostatic actuation limits the linear operation range in cantilevered or torsional micro-mirrors where command shaping techniques can be applied for positioning. Experimental and simulation results of this research demonstrate the effectiveness of using electrostatic levitation to overcome the actuation nonlinearities and a significant increase in the operation range. The motivation for this research is that applying the nonlinear command shaping causes complexity in command manipulation and requires an accurate knowledge of the nonlinear terms involved in the system model. The large linear operation range generated by the levitating force allows using the practical simple command shaping methods for open-loop control.

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The final version of this article is published in Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, a journal published by Elsevier's ScienceDirect.


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