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Core Capstone Question: How does Chabad at Binghamton maximize its online Facebook Engagement in a fashion which mirrors the needs of its diverse online stakeholders?

Schmalzbauer (2013) calculated that two thirds of America’s 400,000 Jewish college students attend schools with a Chabad chapter” (p. 120). Binghamton University’s student population is thirty percent Jewish, that is, 3,500 Jewish students (Hillel, 2014). Chabad at Binghamton’s seven full time staff members and student leadership of eighty-seven designated positions seek to engage all 3,500 of those students through weekly programs, Shabbat dinners, large scale programs and individual meetings. Chabad at Binghamton has been serving the Jewish community of Binghamton University and the Greater Binghamton area for over thirty years. However, a majority of organizational stakeholders live in the Metro-New York area as noted in Figure 1. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to, young alumni, alumni, parents of alumni, community members and friends of the organization. The challenge for Chabad at Binghamton is how to continue to engage, to educate, to mobilize and to empower digital and philanthropic involvement for these stakeholders in the Greater New York Metro Area.

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Summer 2015


online engagement, Chabad, data-base


Communication Technology and New Media | Data Storage Systems

Creating a Data-Based Facebook Engagement Plan for Chabad at Binghamton