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Scholarship support provided through the College at Oneonta Foundation to SUNY Oneonta makes up a substantial—and ever growing—portion of institutional scholarship resources. The College Foundation makes more than $2 million in scholarship resources available annually. The majority of scholarships made available through the College Foundation are not application based. Instead, College Foundation scholarships are awarded by various offices and departments on campus. The two offices making the largest number of awards are Admissions and Financial Aid (roughly 75% of all College Foundation Scholarships); the remaining scholarships are awarded by various Academic departments. While the majority of scholarship funds are allocated, awarded and distributed in a timely fashion, unawarded scholarships exist creating challenges on multiple fronts for the organization. Successful administration and utilization of the College Foundation’s scholarship resources serve the financial and educational interests of SUNY Oneonta’s students, the strategic priorities of the college, and the principals of affordability and access on which the SUNY system was founded. Further, the College Foundation’s ability to continue to grow its endowment, through charitable contributions, is dependent on the College’s ability to successfully steward scholarship donors. Full and successful administration of all scholarship resources is necessary for effective stewardship to occur.

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Fall 2016


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


Capstone Project

College Foundation Scholarship Process Improvement Plan