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Spring 2012


measurement system, violence program


The Family and Children's Society is a human services nonprofit organization located in Broome and Tioga Counties. The Men Overcoming Violence Program does not have a formal performance measurement system. To assist the Family and Children's Society as they consider how to best implement a performance measurement system, a survey was distributed to the current clients served to understand their perceptions of the goals of the Men Overcoming Violence Program. In addition, interviews were conducted with nonprofit administrators to explore strategies to develop and implement a performance measurement system. Four main findings emerged from the data. First, nonprofit organizations are using different strategies to measure performance. Second, nonprofit organizations are at different phases in developing, implementing, and monitoring their performance measurement systems. Third, funders are playing a key role in the development and implementation of performance measurement outcomes for nonprofit organizations. Lastly, there is a lack of consensus among the current clients of the Men Overcoming Violence Program about the program;s goals.