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Spring 2010


ticket buyer population, subscribers, revenue


Declining interests in classical music have left many performances based organizations scrambling to maintain subscriptions rates, ticket revenue and attendance. The Binghamton Philharmonic has a substantial single ticket buyer base which if converted to subscribers, would secure revenue and attendance to each season. This study explores the motivations and attendance levels of Binghamton Philharmonic single ticket buyer population. Using frequency distribution charts, cross-tabular analysis and independent samples t-tests, variables of motivation were compared to the single ticket and subscriber population.This project discusses the factors affecting single ticket buyer motivations for attendance, effective methods for encouraging greater attendance, and provides an overall socio-economic picture of the single ticket buyer population. Recommendations on how to convert single ticket buyers into subscribers are presented, suggesting that the Binghamton Philharmonic explore opportunities to strengthen relationships with single ticket buyers by addressing these motivational factors and appealing to their specific preferences.