Near-edge X-ray Refraction Fine Structure Microscopy

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Spatial resolution, X-ray scattering, X-ray absorption near edge structure, Soft X-rays, X-ray microscopy


We demonstrate a method for obtaining increased spatial resolution and specificity in nanoscale chemical composition maps through the use of full refractive reference spectra in soft x-ray spectro-microscopy. Using soft x-rayptychography, we measure both the absorption and refraction of x-rays through pristine reference materials as a function of photon energy and use these reference spectra as the basis for decomposing spatially resolved spectra from a heterogeneous sample, thereby quantifying the composition at high resolution. While conventional instruments are limited to absorption contrast, our novel refraction based method takes advantage of the strongly energy dependent scattering cross-section and can see nearly five-fold improved spatial resolutionon resonance.


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Published by the American Institute of Physics via doi: 10.1063/1.4975377