Charred wood timbers of a shipwreck found and rescued in 1916 at the future site of the World Trade Center in Manhattan were origiral/y identified as remains of the TIjger, a Dutch ship that burned in 1614. A swivel cannon marked voc was also found at or near the site in 1967. An.examination 0rthe timbers, preserved in the Museum of the City of New York, suggests they are instead from a vessel of about 55 feet in length built for use on the river or other inland waters, probably by an English shipwright. The . cannon was made in Amsterdam after 1715. This finding does not diminish the significance. of the timbers, .. ~ince very few, if any, remains of other colonial. vessels used on the Hudson River or on othe~ inland waters in the New York City area have been uncovered and preserved for study.. .