Paul R. Huey


In 1985, a number of goals and research questions were proposed in relation to the archaeology of' pre-1664 sites in the Dutch colony of New Netherland. Significant Dutch sites were subsequently ~xcavated in Albany, Kingston, and other places from 1986 through 1988, while a series of useful publications continued to be produced after 1988. Excavations at historic period Indian sites also continued after 1988 . . Excavations in 17th-century sites from Maine to Maryland have revealed extensive trade contacts with New Netherland and the Dutch, while the Jamestown excavations have indicated the influence of the Dutch !n the early history of Virginia. In 1996, after a nine-year period of minimal archaeological activity in Albany,.,the . controversial Dormitory Authority project suddenly attracted widespread attention. Excavations i~ other parts' of Albany followed, and other pre-1664 features,including a brickyard site, were uncovered. An important discovery in New York City was the evidence of the windmill that was standing on Governors Island in 1639. Further excavations at 17th-century sites have occurred in Kingston and on Shelter Island.