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Agent-based modeling (ABM) is a computational technique wherein systems are represented through the actions and interactions of many individual entities (‘agents’) over time. ABM often attempts to elucidate the unpredictable, high-level behavior of systems through the predictable, low-level behavior of actors within the system. There are currently few software or frameworks for ABM that allow modelers to design and build interactive models on the web, for a wide audience as well as a scientifically literate audience well-versed in complexity, models, and simulations. Flocc is a novel framework for agent-based modeling written in JavaScript, the lingua franca programming language of the web (which can also run on servers or one’s machine). In this paper, we present Flocc’s main features and show how it can be used by scientists, data journalists, web developers, and others to create web-based simulations able to be viewed and interacted with by anyone with a modern web browser. By lowering the barrier to entry to complexity science, we contend that Flocc shows promise as a pedagogical tool as well as a software for exploring complex systems.