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Spring 2015


Study abroad, cultural competency, international education, global citizens


The pressures of globalization in the 21st century demand public affairs professionals with new competencies, among them the ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively across national boundaries and cultural differences. International immersion through study abroad has been demonstrated to be an effective means of enhancing global cultural competencies among undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of other professions, but has not previously been examined within the context of public administration or public policy specifically. This article examines the extent to which public affairs programs are providing students with study abroad opportunities. Drawing upon survey and interview data from representatives of the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration’s member programs, the authors document the status and defining characteristics of study abroad programs in public affairs, identify challenges, and present a series of recommendations.

Publisher Attribution

Rubaii, N., Appe, S., & Stamp, K. (2015). Are we getting them out of the country? the state of study abroad opportunities within NASPAA member programs. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 21(2)

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