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aging, community services, market, participation, planning


Using a national survey of local governments, we explore the drivers of planning and service delivery for older adults. Our regression models find that planning for aging and elder engagement are the most influential factors explaining the level of community services for elders. Services are lower in less dense suburban and rural communities, and market-based services are lower in communities with more senior poverty. This creates two challenges for planners: to help generate a market response for aging services, and to articulate the link between the built environment and services so communities that lack supportive physical environments can become better places to age.

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Warner, M. E., Homsy, G. C., & Morken, L. J. (2016). Planning for Aging in Place Stimulating a Market and Government Response. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 0739456X16642824.

The final, definitive version has been published in Journal of Planning Education and Research in 2016 published by SAGE Publishing, All rights reserved.

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