Voices from the Trenches: Faculty Perspectives on Support for Sustaining Service-Learning

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college faculty, service learning, teacher attitudes, sustainability, educational opportunities, institutional characteristics, individual differences, educational practices, educational innovation, context effect, interviews, position papers, content analysis


Using data collected from three colleges, the authors examine how faculty members view the level of support for servicelearning at their respective institutions. There is variation among the institutions in perceived instructor and administrator support for service-learning, availability of support services, and attitudes regarding consideration of service-learning in personnel review processes. The authors also explored the degree to which individual instructors have been able to create and sustain service-learning opportunities for their students and found important differences among the colleges. The findings have implications for efforts to sustain service-learning at both faculty and institutional levels.

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Lambright, Kristina T., & Alden, Allison F. (2012). Voices from the Trenches: Faculty Perspectives on Support for Sustaining Service-Learning. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 16(2), 9-45.

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