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Accountability, Performance Measurement, Effectiveness, Nonprofit-Funder Relations


This paper seeks to deepen our understanding of performance measurement in the nonprofit human services sector by investigating issues related to funder and provider motivations for collecting and analyzing program level performance information. Using survey and interview data from nonprofit human service organizations and their funders (nonprofit and local government), we analyze this study’s research questions through the lens of multiple constituency theory. Consistent with multiple constituency theory, the study found similarities and differences in funder and provider motivations for collecting performance information. The study also indicates other key constituents (such as service beneficiaries, donors to nonprofit organizations and other levels of government that provide resources to local governments) play a role in defining program performance. The paper suggests that multiple constituency theory applies to program level performance and that understanding program performance requires considering the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.

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Article published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly from Sage Journals:



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