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Access to healthy food is known to be important to maintaining good health. With obesity on the rise in America, this is even more important. Recently mobile market stores have been used to increase access to healthy foods in many underserved communities that are considered food deserts. The purpose of this study is to research and evaluate if there is a significant increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Broome County communities where access to mobile markets is available. To address this, I conducted interviews with volunteers who worked on the mobile market in order to gauge if the mobile market produced any changes in eating behaviors or food choices. I believe the results will show that, after shopping at the mobile market, fruit and vegetable consumption increased and people were more aware of healthy eating and buying habits. However access to foods may not be enough, increasing community awareness and engagement by providing nutrition education, taste testing, and seasonal recipes may be helpful in increasing healthfully minded behaviors. This study emphasizes the importance of increased food access in food deserts and underserved communities. The use of a mobile market is a convenient way to do so and its mobility allows it to help more people in need. Towns and cities should consider implementing mobile markets into their communities.



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Assessing the Effectiveness of the CHOW Mobile Grocery Store in Broome County in Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption