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Mental health is a difficult and complicated issue to tackle for anyone. Everyone has unique situations and different processes of healing. However, there are specific circumstances that Asian immigrants and Asian Americans have to conquer in order to have a healthy mind. This presentation argues that with the common belief of suppressing your emotional problems in Asian culture, enculturation, and the “model minority” myth, Asian teenagers and young adults in America who are developing themselves in this hostile environment may cause severe, long term damage on their mental health. There have been many indirect and direct sources from Asian Americans and immigrants to show the issue of mental health specifically in the Asian community. Surveys done on Asian American high school students and college students have been done to show the effects of immigrant-related factors and Asian-specific factors on their mental health. Interviews of Asians coping with mental health illnesses discussed the barriers they had to overcome related to their race and origin. Articles have shown personal essays of anonymous Asian Americans who have with dealt with the issues of their mental health and Asian culture. With a recent surge of Anti-Asian violence and the COVID-19 pandemic, this issue is more significant now than ever. The disheartening news of Anti-Asian violence and the racist microaggressions seen throughout social media is worsening the situation and mindset of young Asian adults in America. By analyzing certain mental health barriers and understanding the perspective of an Asian in America is key to helping Asians to get connected to professional and organized help for mental health.



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Mental Health of Asian Teens and Young Adults in America