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In Broome County flooding has been a core cause of property damage and a danger to residents; most recently historic flooding occurred in 1976, 2006, and 201l. The reoccurrence of record-breaking floods in the County has become an alarming issue and has caused hundreds of millions in property damage in the past decade alone. In a shift from prior prevention methods using levees, floodwalls, and dams, the County government has moved towards enacting smaller-scale flood mitigation strategies. The conservation and protection of floodplains allow for the increased absorption capacity of wetlands, thus lowering the extent of flooding damages. Thus opportunities arise in Broome County for increased cooperation between urban and rural legislators, in the combined effort of preventing flood damages through maximizing the County’s wetland absorption capabilities. Through data collected from government websites, local news articles, and interviews with County legislators this study describes the current situation in Broome County, comparing currently planned policies with existing flood problems throughout the County. Increased urban and rural communication and cooperation allows for more effective policies to be implemented, limiting the opportunity costs that arise from protecting unnecessary flood plains while maximizing the effectiveness of flood mitigation strategies throughout the County.



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Development and Conservation of Flood Plains