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Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) has emerged as an environmentally beneficial renewable resource due to its short growing cycle, carbon sequestration properties, and the medical applications of cannabidiol (CBD). All parts of the hemp plant can be used to produce products that are eco-friendly. New York State (NYS) has recently legalized production of hemp. Many farmers have obtained permits to grow hemp, but there has been a lack of hemp processors within the state who can turn raw hemp into hemp products. This research focuses on the lack of processing within the hemp market in NYS in order to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the industry as a whole. Through interviews with hemp growers, processors, and state-level politicians involved in creating hemp legislation, as well as review of existing data on the industry, this research will identify what actions are necessary, both in entrepreneurship and state legislation, to improve the conditions and efficiency of the hemp industry in the state. A more comprehensive analysis of the hemp industry from seed to product will allow for a more effective market, and subsequently, more eco-friendly products in the market for consumers to purchase and greater economic opportunity for producers and processors.



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Investigating the Development of the Hemp Processing Industry in New York State