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The purpose of this study is to investigate a potential relationship between food group consumption choices, especially those rich in tyrosine, and neurobehaviors of individuals. It is hypothesized that eating and exercise habits strongly correlate with mental state and self-motivation. An anonymous online survey using the Food-Mood and Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaires was administered through community outreach and social media. The survey included questions on demographic, mental health, eating and exercise habits, and motivation. Data collection took place between January and March 2021. A total of 500 participants aged 18 and above responded to the survey. The data collected were analyzed using Pearson’s Correlation in SPSS version 25.0. Our findings suggest an association between dietary choices, motivation to perform and mental status. These results could provide the framework to support customized diet to improve motivation level and mental wellbeing.



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The Integrated Effect of Diet on Neurobehaviors and Mental Wellbeing