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There is a serious lack of effective measures being taken to address the issue of maternal mortality and morbidity disparities within the United States. Multitude of factors aid in the disproportionate quality of care received by racial and ethnic minority women compared to white women. In maternal health, there exists a clear disparity regarding the rates at which ethnic and racial minorities experience both death and lasting health outcomes pre- and post- natal. I analyze quantitative data in the existing literature to explain why disparities in maternal health persist. I highlight these aspects to bring attention to the lack of effective measures being taken despite the severity of this issue. Thorough analysis will be provided on how the varying quality of care for expecting individuals can be linked to race and the intersectional issues of class, access, and education, thereby leading to varying maternal health outcomes. This allows for a clearer understanding of ethnic and racial disparities in the health system while furthering the discussion of the importance of maternal health within the U.S.



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Racial and Ethnic Disparities Within Maternal Health