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Throughout my research over the past year, I have noticed a grave opposition between the principles of capitalism and the values of Christianity. The two have seemed irreconcilable in my mind. Thus, using exegesis of passages from the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John, Acts, and some letters of Paul, as well as various texts we have read for the class, I claim that the Christian Truth is anti-wealth, anti-accumulation, and thus firmly anti-capitalist. Furthermore, I have found that the Christian Truth is an empowerment of the poor, it is egalitarian, and it opposes private property. Moreover, I explore and define this Truth and find Scriptural evidence for its existence. Furthermore, I discuss why it is imperative to follow this Truth in order to be a truly faithful subject of Christianity. Complementing that, I also elicit the evils of late capitalism and discuss the core teachings of Jesus Christ with which capitalism is in conflict. Finally, I propose actions for the individual Christian living in capitalist society to take, namely, joining a commune and perhaps giving up eating meat. I conclude that those two actions, if undertaken by enough people, would create a strong force in direct opposition to capitalist industry and its social structure, and help to create the conditions for the emergence of a genuine Christianity and the possible end of capitalism.



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Christianity and Capitalism: An Uneasy Coexistence