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In the United States, there are highly contaminated areas that require long-term clean-ups under the law CERCLA known as Superfund sites. Currently, in Broome County there are eight sites including the Endicott Village Well Field, however there are sites that have been taken off the list such as BEC Trucking. What leads one site to be cleaned faster than another? This investigation dives into the nature of Superfund sites and what components lead to a site being cleaned faster than the other sites. The conclusions are being drawn from documents made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), scholarly journals, and an interview with a program manager of the EPA. By examining this information I can deduce what the differences to each Superfund site is and form connections on what conditions aid the cleaning of these sites. What can be inferred based on this information is that there is a combination of political, economic, and social factors that can lead to the rapid cleaning of superfund sites. This information emphasizes the importance of the refinement of areas that are hazardous because it impacts the communities' access to clean water and air. Getting these areas to be less polluted as quickly as possible will increase the safety of the residents in the region.



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The Nature of Superfund Sites