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Dietary intake plays an important role in the development of physical and mental health. Vital nutrients support day-to-day activities and biological processes. The physical health parameters can be easily correlated with the type of dietary intake. However, mapping of mental health parameters is still an area in need of further research. It is a strenuous task as it is widely dependent on a broad spectrum of attributes. The dataset is collected from a survey study on a group of 227 individuals who are categorized based on their gender and age. A questionnaire that contains 26 parameters is used for collecting information related to dietary intake and mental health parameters. We have mapped the mental health and dietary intake parameters using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Data Visualization techniques. Distinctive patterns have been observed that describe the correlation between food intake and mental distress parameters. Additionally, the research outcomes also describe the attributes that help to elevate the factors for mental well-being and emotional health.



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Relationships between Mental Distress and Food Intake Parameters Using Exploratory Data Analysis