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I have developed a creative thesis entitled Maared—a play about Dora Maar, noted surrealist photography. The piece centers on her life, art, and relationships including the love affair she had with Pablo Picasso for which she is most famous. One of the goals in this piece is to highlight female artists throughout history who are better remembered for the art they inspired rather than the art they created. This is done in part to emphasize the role of women artists throughout history and counter some of the sexism that has taken place in art scholarship when the term muse is used in place of the term artist. Another goal is to counter the effect of the male gaze on art which has led to a celebration of the female body, but not of female creativity. The final goal is to share a human story of a person learning to accept themselves and their life as they look back on everything that’s happened. In this project, I’ve been doing research on Dora Maar specifically, her work as an artist, the models she worked with, the artists she modeled for, the relationships she had in life, and how all of this shaped her as a person. This research has been wide ranging from work that focuses on Picasso, work that focuses on the surrealist movement, work that focuses on Maar specifically, and autobiographical work from different people that knew her.



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