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Water in the greater Binghamton area has a history of chemical contamination. One of the most infamous events—the International Business Machines Corporation chemical spill in 1979—is still affecting residents despite the water being considered safe by state standards. Effects as threatening as a rise in the occurrence of rare cancers have been observed. Is the water we use and drink truly safe? Focusing on local experiences, I will be conducting a survey to gain insight into personally observed effects as well as public awareness to draw connections between reported effects of respondents to recorded effects in areas such as Flint, Michigan and Love Canal. The target population is people 18 and up who live in the Binghamton area (both part-time and long-time). Following this, I will be determining the effects of chemical water contamination on the greater Binghamton area’s public health. Health hazards lie in the water that many people are unaware of, and this project aims to spread awareness of that.



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The Effects of Chemical Water Contamination on Public Health