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Biological warfare, which is the deliberate release of infectious toxins or organisms that cause diseases, has historically been a major issue that the international community has strived to resolve. By analyzing peer-reviewed journals and pre-modern documents, this research project challenges the effectiveness of pre-established policies and collaborative efforts to prevent the development and usage of biological warfare. The modern perception of biological warfare is misinterpreted because it has adapted different connotations compared to its origins. The project will engage in a historical examination of the Biological Weapons Convention and historization of major political events, such as the Korean War, to analyze how biological warfare has been characterized and how the policies have been introduced. Reflecting and revisiting the modern biological warfare narrative through inspection of its historical role along with its policies will establish an understanding that biological warfare is a modern issue and must be resolved in new terms.



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Facing a Modern International Issue: The Politics of Biological Warfare in the United States and Korea